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Some articles which have appeared in the UK online press over the past week which looks at blogging (primarily business blogging) and its uses. If you find any good articles that could be highlighted here, then please post the links below or send them to me directly at mark[at]betterbusinessblogging[dot]com and I’ll do the rest.

Metro UK Blog Awards
The results from the Metro awards in the 8 categories they deemed worthy – no business blog category … but then I’ve mentioned that before, haven’t I? :)

Businesses urged to embrace web’s social side
It’s all about conversations and listening to your customers … I’ll add to that and say that business blogging is also about connections.

Users increasingly influenced by negative search results
Remember that blogs can also be used to turn negative comments into positive PR - I guess that’s not newsworthy or maybe people just don’t realise this potential.

DVD row sparks user rebellion
A 21st Century revolt and the way that blogging and social networking is aiding it and at the same time dealing with it.

Bloggers and Podcasters in print
Luckily the magazine appears online and as a podcast as well as in print – would be a bit ironic if it didn’t! Let’s see how it develops.

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