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Some articles which have appeared in the UK online press over the past week which looks at blogging (primarily business blogging) and its uses. If you find any good articles that could be highlighted here, then please post the links below or send them to me directly at mark[at]betterbusinessblogging[dot]com and I’ll do the rest.

Who says blogging’s not journalism?
An interesting take on the alleged conflict between bloggers and journalists in the wake of the Engadget / Apple memo issue.

Blogging is a conversation not a code
A short article from Mike Butcher on the attempts to create a Bloggers code while referring back to the concept that blogging is about conversations.

Avis rolls out blog site
Avis has decide to set up and run a blog to support their customer service efforts – at last someone else is listening (about this use for blogging, I mean!!). Lots more posts to come on this!

Blogosphere threatened by Google downtime
It may not sound a lot, but in my book part of the reason why Blogger is never going to be the best choice for a business / corporate blog.

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