Technorati have just announced and implemented a facelift for their site which at first glance looks good and very clean, though as ever I find myself starting to look for things where they used to be but aren’t any more!

With so many new features and additions over the past few months, the interface had certainly become rather cluttered so this is certainly a good decision to have stood back, looked at all the different functionality and then decided on the best way to present all of the information. Clearly lots of work behind the scenes as well.

There seems to be a lot more focus on personalising the information which follows a good trend in web design and, from my own point of view, having all of the information about a blog in a single view rather than having to sift through a number of different page views to find it all is very positive.

I look forward to going through in more detail and looking at all the changes. In the meantime, you can find out all the changes that have been made in Dave Sifry’s Announcement on the Technorati Blog. Have fun!

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