Blogging in the News - UK BlogsSome articles which have appeared in the UK online press over the past week which looks at blogging (primarily business blogging) and its uses. If you find any good articles that could be highlighted here, then please post the links below or send them to me directly at mark[at]betterbusinessblogging[dot]com and I’ll do the rest.

Welcome to our new look site
Clearly convinced of the medium, Technology Guardian has relaunched and redesigned their blog as part of their overall site rebranding apparently taking it from Web 1.5 to Web 2.0. So I guess that’s only half a redesign then?

Blogging is ten, maybe twelve, or twenty-four years old
A little bit of navel gazing on just where this blogging thing came from and how old it might be together with a reference to the Wall Street Journal’s article “Happy Blogiversary which discusses it further.

Air Cargo Blog Goes Live
Feels a little bit like the guest publication round from “Have I got News for You” but Air Cargo News has launched its blog with its coverage of ‘every major issue affecting the Air Cargo industry’. Link to the Air Cargo blog here. Good luck to them , I say!

Playing by modern marketing rules
Interesting short piece from “Director of Finance Online” which acknowledges the change (and need for change) in advertising and marketing practices with new media forging ahead.

Builder’s blog to report on progress
Nice use for business blogs from an unexpected source in that technology hotspot that is Norfolk. Builders keeping clients updated on building work and asking for feedback – whatever next?

How blogs and social networking sites can be used to commercial advantage
Good piece looking at a BT roundtable event which looked at blogs and social networking sites as well as BT’s BTTradespace offering.

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