Spotlight on UK Blogs - all postsNow back again on Better Business Blogging, each week, I will be highlighting some of the Business Blogs which exist in the UK. The aim is to show a cross section of what people and businesses are writing about and how they are approaching the task of using blogs in their business activities. As a result, you’ll find that these posts will contain a mix of Blogs displaying a range of topics and styles.

In addition to this weekly selection, I am working with others to build a comprehensive list of Business Blogs in the UK. So if there are UK blogs which you have visited and would recommend (including your own!), then please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me a message. Thanks!

Simon Wakeman
Like the man says on his blog, we’re looking here at marketing, public relations and digital communications. Great content with a clean and impactful feel to the blog so take a moment to check it out and sign up to that RSS!

Informed Choice
Always a bit of a pity to see a blog with good information and insight on a Blogger template but ‘hey’ ... good looking financial advice here (hopefully sound advice too!) which also nicely supports the main Informed Choice site.

Book Mark Lee
Nicely put together site with the aim of “Helping ambitious professionals achieve business goals” which seems like a suitably ambitious goal in itself! Yet one that Mark looks eminently able to achieve.

Simon Dickson
Repleat with “Simons” today and here’s another one who is well worth listening to! Interesting, varied and eminently readable. Picture reminds me of the “Wot no …!” cartoons I used to draw as a child – sorry, Simon! ;)

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