RSS Series from Better Business BloggingTo most, RSS is not going to appear to be the most exciting tool in the social media box – it’s not coming out in video any time soon, can’t rival podcasts in the audio department, doesn’t seem to interact with anything and, all in all, comes across like someone who’d prefer to sit in the corner at parties rather than get out there and mix.

True, but only half the story. In fact, it seems to me that RSS is in need of a good PR agent.

Well, I’m no PR Guru, but I’m going to try to show with a series of posts over the next week, how RSS is an immensely powerful tool which can be used in any number of exciting (yes, exciting) and useful ways, whether you are looking at it from a user’s or a publisher’s point of view.

The posts will be looking at:

1. RSS - An Introduction: So, what is RSS all about then?
2. RSS Benefits for businesses, bloggers and publishers
3. Benefits of RSS for users & subscribers
4. Marketing with RSS
5. Using Feedburner to optimise your RSS
6. Ways to increase your RSS subscribers

So subscribe to my RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss anything ;) and if you don’t know what I mean by that then the first part of the series will be right up your street!

RSS card: RSS will surprise you!

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