Spotlight on UK Blogs - all postsEach week, I will be highlighting some of the Business Blogs which exist in the UK. The aim is to show a cross section of what people and businesses are writing about and how they are approaching the task of using blogs in their business activities. As a result, you’ll find that these posts will contain a mix of Blogs displaying a range of topics and styles.

In addition to this weekly selection, I am working with others to build a comprehensive list of Business Blogs in the UK. So if there are UK blogs which you have visited and would recommend (including your own!), then please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me a message. Thanks!

Gaping Void
The unique blog by Hugh MacLeod which is always worth a view and always to the point … and a top 100 blog on Technorati to boot.

Charles Dunstone’s Blog
Verging rather too far towards an “adverblog” for my liking but nevertheless a CEO Blog and a Product Blog rolled into one. As the 80’s band of the same name once sang, “All you do to me is talk talk …”

Tinbasher Sheet Metal Blog
Fronted by Paul Woodhouse, the TinBasher blog is another that seems to have been around forever and yet still manages to mix business and personal to great effect.

Murmurs and Musings on Success at Work
Dr Rob Yeung does his musing on creating success at work on his blog … at conferences … on TV … wherever it is needed! Have a read!

Positive Impact
Niall Cook writing on Hill and Knowlton’s Collective Conversation about the positive impact that social media can have today.

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