I’ve been reading Naked Conversations again this week – such a good read with so many elements in it that are worthy of comment.

However, my focus this week has been on product based blogs, whether they are focused on the product development phase or the product management and marketing phase. In both cases, the focus remains steadfastly on customers and there was a set of recommendations quoted which had come from Creating Corporate Evangelists which I found to be particularly relevant. These were:

  • continuously gather customer feedback;

  • make it a point to share knowledge freely;

  • expertly build word of mouth networks;

  • encourage communities of customers to meet and share;

  • devise specialised, smaller offerings to get customers to bite;

  • focus on making the world, or your industry, better.

Although not specifically focused on blogs, if you can follow these recommendations as you develop your product based blog around your product, then you will create something which will foster the idea of ownership and community. This in turn will develop a buzz around your product and, as the title of the book says, create product evangelists who will be out there promoting your product at any opportunity.

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