It is always an exciting if slightly nerve racking time when you start to write your Business Blog but it is also very important because you will be laying down the ground rules for what your readers can expect from you in the future.

To help get through this initial period, there are certain things that you can do which will make it easier to get the first posts in place from which you can then develop.

Set yourself realistic goals for posting
Make sure that you set some goals in terms of how often you are going to blog – make them realistic and then stick to them. You should decide during your planning phase how much time you want to dedicate to your Business Blog and then split that time between researching your posts and writing them.

Plan ahead
As you start, map out what you want to cover during the first few days and weeks, and note down the topics that you feel comfortable with. This will provide you with a framework to work with. You dont need to plan every post, in fact you shouldnt. If you are intending to create a blog which will get people coming back on a regular basis then you will also be commenting on breaking news or articles that are posted by others. However, setting out in your own mind a series of topics that you wish to cover will really help in your initial writing.

Set out your stall at the start
Within this first set of posts, try to include at least 2 3 key articles, ones that sum up a number of the areas and concepts that you are going to be focusing on in your blog as a whole. They might be simply instructive or could outline a number of different ideas and concepts that you will expand on in later posts over time. If you are unsure about the type of things to include, then you could do a lot worse than go back over some of the presentations that you have made to clients or partners. These are likely to include a lot of the ideas that you will now have the opportunity to expand on and develop over the course of writing your blog.

Plan a short series of posts on a specific topic
A series of posts on a subject which is important to your overall subject area is a good method of getting you going and establishing a relevant area of focus in your Business blog. A series can help in a number of different ways, but in particular will allow you to go into detail on a single topic you feel is particularly important and that you are comfortable writing about. This will help to get you started and gain some momentum in your writing.

Comment on news in your industry
If you are aiming to position yourself as a key source of information for your readers in your industry or niche then you will need to keep up to date with developments and be prepared to give your opinion on them. In any case, this is a great way of adding content to your site which also helps build the level of trust and confidence in you and your knowledge.

Sitting there with a blank screen in front of you is always a difficult time so use some of these methods to get you started and you can certain that you’ll be up and running more quickly that you expected.

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