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Q – Can business blogging be effective for local companies or is it only for national and international companies?

A – Blogging should certainly be a consideration for any company, whatever its geographic coverage. For companies with a national or international target client base, then the advantages are obvious both in terms of reach and coverage that a blog can offer. For local companies, the issues remain the same in terms of needing to reach a certain audience, it is just the size and geographic spread of this audience that has changed. Therefore to be successful, the focus of the blog posts need to change as well to accommodate this.

Since so much searching for local services and suppliers is now done on line, it is likely that you will want to make sure that Search Engines will rank your posts as highly as possible for people searching for your products in your local and regional area. So when writing, ensure that you include references to these places alongside those on your products. For example, if you are a florist based in Richmond then your post would not just mention “flower bouquets” but rather “flower bouquets for Surrey from Richmond upon Thames based Flowers4U”, thus making sure that the geographic references were included alongside those of flower arrangements themselves. If you include these in the title of the post then this will help further.

To complete this, you may also like to intersperse the blogs with local news so that in the Category sections and the other main pages, there is an equal spread of posts relating to different flowers and flower arrangements as there are to references to local names and places. Guaranteed to help boost your rankings and get you found by a local audience.

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