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    BlogDay 2008Its Blog Day 2008. It’s just a single day each year when we are encouraged to share 5 blogs that you might not yet be reading. Its really just a way to try to extend that the type of blogs that you might want to have a look at.

    As a result, I have chosen a varied set of blogs covering a variety of different writers and types – I hope that at least a couple will prove of interest to you.

    Happy Blog Day 2008!

    1. Bird Droppings: the self styled ‘ramblings of a deranged mind’ which just happens to belong to Drayton Bird, considered one of the most successful direct marketers at work today. Not for the faint hearted, but certainly entertaining and most certainly to the point!

    2. Biz Growth News: if you’re looking for personal branding and social media information sandwiched between a generous slice of practical advice and common sense, then this is the place to be heading to see what Krishna De has to say. Not to mention her Biz Growth Live podcast series which features some of the experts that you’ll really not want to miss.

    3. How to Look Good: by Caryn Franklin, of The Clothes Show fame, it’s the easy style of writing that I particularly like which really gets her message across. One of those blogs where you can hear her voice speaking the words as you read them.

    4. Innocent Drinks: the only pseudo corporate blog in my list, but one that I have found which has stuck to its guns and keeps doing things their way. It’s marketing without the marketing and PR without the PR - but it’s certainly branding through and through. Oh and it works …!

    5. Chris Brogan: current darling of the social media marketing crowd and with good reason. Well worth the time to look through what he has to say and just let the idea of social media sink in – you’ll soon find that you start to realise all the options you have and, of course, the central roles that a blog and your RSS feed can play in your marketing.

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    While I would like to say that this has been a real life lesson in how to break one of the 3 main rules of blogging (ie. consistent posting), I’m afraid that it’s just not the case and I have been tied up on other projects which needed particular attention over the last week.

    Back into the hot seat again now though and, I’d like to think, some interesting posts coming up over the next week which took me back to my formal marketing days. In the meantime, a couple of links for you to check out.

    Recommended Link 1 – Biz Growth News

    Firstly, I’d like to recommend having a look at Krishna De’s Biz Growth News blog which is an excellent resource for businesses and business people everywhere. Lots and lots of great content which is well worth subscribing to.

    We have been doing some work together which will be completed this week and there will be a full review of this coming up in a couple of weeks time on The Blog Coach which is being restarted at the beginning of next week with lots of new information about the whole activity of blogging for business.

    Also, the Irish Blog Awards are coming up soon and I really think that the Biz Growth News site is well worth an award there because of the incredible information it provides. So if you think so too, then why not spend a moment to recommend Krishna’s blog. Once you’ve starting reading it, I have no doubt that you’ll want to.

    Recommended Link 2 – The Biz of Knowledge

    Secondly a long list of excellent blogs courtesy of The Biz of Knowledge in the post 66 Successful Bloggers and What they can teach you. The list is extracted from the contributors to Ted Demopoulos’s recent book What no-one ever tells you about Blogging and Podcasting. Overall, you have an incredible set of blogs to check out full of really useful information!

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