Ive had a number of people send me trend comparisons over the past week as Google has released yet another beta product in Google Trends, which maps the number of searches made on keywords since the start of 2004. With the ability to compare up to 5 terms of a single chart, it can provide an interesting, if high level and (by Googles own admission) approximated, view of the search level and hence the interest in certain terms.

One which did catch my eye was posted by Rachel Cunliffe at Cre8d in her post Google Trendswhere she mapped the different journeys of some of leading blogging platform software. The result was very interesting with a continued rise in WordPress against some of the other major players the results can be seen here.

Having had my interest piqued, I repeated the exercise with a different selection of blogging software including Blogger, Mambo and Joomla. It should be said that there is a possible discrepancy in the results as both blogger and mambo are terms which could be searched on outside of the context of blogging platforms. Nonetheless, the results are:

Conclusions purely in terms of platform, there seems to be a convergence in terms of which platforms are being searched for most often with a recent drop in mambo but a continued rise across the others. The best news to take from this is that the interest in Blogging is clearly increasing at a very healthy rate, though the levels of course fluctuate wildly between regions.

The last word here, relating to Google Trends rather than Blogging Platforms, has to go to Steve Rubel who came up with some interesting trend comparisons as ever Google bigger than God, hey?

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