Wishful Thinking Creative CoachingMark McGuinness at Wishful Thinking Creative Coaching has recently launched a major new project on his blog – a research study on Perceptions of Coaching in the UK Creative Industries. He is inviting contributions from managers, employees and educators in the UK creative industries, in the form of responses to a series of questionnaires and a limited number of individual interviews.

Mark has also just published as a podcast the first of the individual interviews with Mick Rigby of Monkey Communications which is a fascinating listen. You will also find links to the other elements of the research project so I highly recommend that you head on over and have a look.

Because of the way in which blogs are easy to update and allow (indeed demand) interaction between the author and those reading the Blog, they provide the ideal tool to use as the focal point of a research project. Indeed, Blogs can offer real advantages at all stages of a research project.

    1. They allow you to map out what the research is planning to achieve, why it is being carried out and the methodology which will be employed;

    2. They give you an instantly accessible place to provide the actual questionnaires or direct links to the places where the information gathering will be taking place;

    3. They allow debate and interactive participation in the process which will benefit not only the depth and coverage of the research but also those help those who are participating to provide better feedback and information;

    4. They are also the ideal way to publish and publicise the findings and the final report, as well as give the opportunity for people to discuss those findings and question the author further.

Theres only one thing better than talking about these great uses for a Business Blog and thats seeing it as it happens. Mark has given us this opportunity, so go and check it out!

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