Always remember to put up a profile up on your Business Blog and let people know who they are dealing with.

All Blogs, and not just personal blogs, are essentially personal in outlook and not just another website full of product information and advertising speak. Thats why they work so well in communicating ideas and opinions, and in gaining positive reactions.

A Business Blog also needs to be interactive and people like to know who they are interacting with so let them!

If you prefer to include your details as part of your sidebar then keep it short and sweet theres lots more information that you also want to be highly visible there. I personally prefer a link through to a separate page where you have a little more space to include whatever details seem appropriate to you.

Some profiles will focus on past work and experience ( no CVS though, please), others will have more of a current focus and outline future plans. What ever you put there, try to make it personal though and, for extra impact, put up a picture as well. Remember that from a networking perspective, your Business Blog acts as the hub at the centre of that network – people are therefore going to be interested in the “real you” and what makes you tick so give them some insights into the person behind the Blog.

You also want people to be able to contact you. They can do this by posting comments on your blog, but thats not ideal in all circumstances. So, make sure that you also have your contact details on your blog, either as part of your profile or in a separate section or both! I still find loads of Blogs which seem very interesting but give me no easy way to get in touch with the author. You are shooting yourself in the foot if your contact details arent easily visible.

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