Easton Ellsworth over at Business Blogwire was kind enough to include a mention for Better Business Blogging and myself in his BlogTipping Day yesterday which makes me a Blogtippee!!

Easton gave three compliments which included one about the free eCourse that I run many thanks for that and glad that you are finding it useful! and then followed it up with a tip for something that could be improved on the blog. Blogtipping, you see!

This made an impact on me for two reasons:

    1. the tip was a useful one: the inclusion of a listing of good business or corporate blogs alongside my Blogroll (or Required Reading as I call it) makes perfect sense and was information that has been asked for by people I deal with. I had intended to include relevant corporate blogs under the Business Uses categories, but it would be ideal to highlight them in the sidebar as well.

    2. the fact that Easton had done this at all. It was unexpected; he had been reading the blog and been taking the course, but then he had taken the time to post comments and advice. In the business world, this is not something you often see, but between Bloggers who write in the same area, there seems to be a feeling of cooperation more than overt competition which is excellent to see and experience.

On the back of this, here are two pieces of advice: make sure that you consider carefully what you have in your sidebar – it’s a highly visible place in your Blog, so highlight the elements that contribute to the aims of your Blog. And secondly, if you can, take the effort to do unexpected things by offering help and advice in this way in a Blogging environment, you can feel confident that the offer will be reciprocated in the future.

Thanks again, Easton.

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