Blogging in the News - UK BlogsSome articles which have appeared in the UK online press over the past week which looks at blogging (primarily business blogging) and its uses. If you find any good articles that could be highlighted here, then please post the links below or send them to me directly at mark[at]betterbusinessblogging[dot]com and I’ll do the rest.

Thousands of bloggers unite in blitz of green tips
The Blog action Day on the 15th October seems to have been a success with thousands of bloggers participating and raising awareness on climate change and environmental issues.

Should blogging be on your marketing to-do list?
I think we know that the answer is yes, but this is a nice gentle introduction to one aspect of how blogs can be used while recognising the range of opportunities they offer.

B2B journalists turn to blogs for info
Another insight into how journalists view blogs and whether they are using then and the information they offer to best effect.

Blogs give business a global reach
While I really can’t recommend then Google Translation tool which suffers from the same shortcomings as other online tools, there are some other good comments here.

Blogging is good for business if you have something to say
Good pieces of advice here from Jim Kendall. Remember that blogging is like talking to people – if you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, it’s often best to keep quiet and listen until you do.

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