Blogging BooksI love bookshops, always have. There’s something about them which attracts me – I love browsing and just flicking through the books, picking out pieces that interest me – I guess that’s a little what I do when browsing blogs as well, dipping in and dipping out of ones that looking interesting and returning to them time and again. Clearly, having an RSS reader makes the job a lot simpler online!

Anyway, during a visit to one of my favourite bookshops yesterday, I decided to check out what books on blogging were currently available here in London. My first challenge, however, was to find them. My own take on Blogs is that they are first and foremost a communications tool so the Marketing section seemed like a good starting point; but then they are also an excellent Business Development Tool, so maybe the Sales section would be more likely; alternatively, I use mine partly as a networking aid so would that be the best section to start with?

Well, as it happened, none of them showed any sign of a blogging book. So, where did I finally find them? Well, there were two in Web Design, two in Internet for Beginners and a solitary book (Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright) in the eCommerce section nestled among all of the books about how to make your fortune on eBay!

I suppose that that shouldn’t really have come as a surprise. Most people’s first reaction is to view blogs simply from a technical perspective when they first come across them. The challenge is getting beyond that and being able to focus on the business applications, which is where blogs really come into their own – unfortunately, I find that many people are still stymied by the word “Blog” and their perceptions of what it means to them.

Anyway, while still enjoyable, my trip to the bookshop didn’t yield any new purchases on this occasion. It did, however, remind me that there is still work to be done to show businesses where the real value of blogs lie and plenty of opportunities for those who catch on quickest.

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