Better Business Blogging - Quick Bloggers GuideAlthough they say that you can’t please everyone all of the time, I say that here’s no harm in trying! (Don’t quote me on that!!)

So, in response to some of the requests that I have had to create a series of shorter guides to complement the more in depth eCourse on Business Blogging that I offer on the site, I have created a series of Better Business Blogging “Bloggers Guides” which will each focus on a particular aspect which is important to anyone running a Business Blog.

While not as in depth as some of the longer articles here, they will present an overview which should give you ideas and additional resources to explore the area further.

Some of the initial BBB Bloggers Guides planned are:

  • Bloggers Guide to RSS Directories

  • Bloggers Guide to Feedburner

  • Bloggers Guide to Marketing your Blog

  • Bloggers Guide to RSS by Email

  • Bloggers Guide to Posting and Pinging

  • Bloggers Guide to Pitching Bloggers

This will be an ongoing series of posts, rather than a short independent series, which is intended to grow into a resource of its own. I hope that you will help it to develop in the right direction!

If you have areas that you would like to have covered here , then let me know and I will look to include it in the Better Business Blogging Bloggers Guides.

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