BBC WorldWell it wasn’t a long interview by any means but I made my debut on television today when I appeared on the Business programme on BBC World and on BBC 24 which appears on the mainstream channels here in the UK.

We talked briefly about the great strides that Business Blogging has taken, in the UK particularly over recent months with companies finally showing a greater understanding of the benefits it offers – we also looked at how to use blogging together with the other principal social media marketing tools. It’d be good to see a longer discussion on this important area but it was equally great to see it being addressed at all. This was initiated, I think, by the Blogging4Business conference which took place today in London.

And why am I doubly pleased? Because the BBC found me through this blog using Search Engines followed up by online research – exactly the two areas where I had hoped that the blog would make me more visible. Yet more proof, were proof needed, of the areas that a blog can develop for an individual or company.

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