I’ve been prompted to share with you some of the places where you can get RSS Readers – which one is for you depends entirely on your preference and the computer you use.

Just as a quick recap, an RSS feed is a way of keeping up to date with information that you wish to receive by getting it delivered directly to you. To do this, you subscribe to the RSS feed on the website you are interested in using an RSS Reader, also known as a Feed Reader or RSS Aggregator.

There are a number of different RSS Readers available which vary according to whether you are prefer to use an online reader or one which you can download, and it will also be dependent on the operating system that you are using.

Some that I recommend that you look at and consider are:

Google Reader
My Yahoo

Offline (Windows)

Offline (Mac)
NewsMac Pro

If you’re after a really comprehensive list of RSS readers then try RSS Compendium – there really are lots to choose from!

The future

RSS is going to become more and more widespread and more recognised as time progresses – already it is appearing on more and more sites and should be a no brainer for all blog sites.

In terms of readers, the major players in the industry are all getting involved. Already, as you can see from the online readers mentioned above, the main Search Engines provide an online RSS reader in their customised homepage which is gaining momentum. This will only intensify as Microsoft will be including a reader as part of the next version of their Internet Explorer browser and FireFox already has one included in their current version which is becoming very popular.

So if you’re doing research and need to monitor lots of sites for news, or if you want to keep abreast of what is being said about certain industries perhaps for articles in your own blog, then you need to be using an RSS reader so you can see just how easy it can make your life. If you are publishing a blog or a website, then you need to be equally aware that this is increasingly going to be how people read your latest news.

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