Even when you recognise the opportunities which exist by using a blog as a business tool for your company, if you are not directly in control of what goes on then it can still be a difficult job to convince the Directors of the company that it is a road that they should be taking. While you are aware of how important it can be, you can’t do it all on your own so how to do you go about it.

So let’s look at this challenge from a marketing point of view, which effectively is what it boils down to, and use one of the tried and tested methods for promoting a product or idea, AIDA.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Applying these headings to the promotion of business blogs to those at director level within your own company, then we can achieve the following:

There’s nothing which grabs the attention like the feeling you are missing out on an opportunity. So pick some real life examples of what others are doing in your industry (perhaps even your competitors) and show just how much coverage and attention that their blogs are generating. You can track this through blog specific tools such as Technorati or Blogpulse.

Show how versatile blogs can be, how easy to develop once established and the functional areas where they can have significant impact for the company. Highlight not only the external uses such as branding and relationship building, but also the internal ones such as product development, internal competitor information and team development. Try to pre-empt objections such as cost issues and also any pre-conceptions about blogging which may exist.

Show the level of benefits which can be gained from blogging such as improved client relationships, higher levels of prospects, better internal communication or more product evangelists as well as the less tangible elements relating to reputation and external image. Try to indicate how the ROI (Return on Investment) could be assessed and methods which could be put in place to measure the target elements.

Have a proposed strategy covering the principal elements that need to be addressed before starting a blog. These would cover as the focus of the blog, its target audience, personnel, blogging guidelines and the choice of blogging platform – having already started to consider these elements, you will be better able to put some of the main blocks and get a timeframe in place as quickly as possible.

Clearly this is a highly summarised possible course of action but it is an approach which works and which, if nothing else, will help to open the eyes of the directors to what can be achieved with business blogs as well the results they can bring both inside and outside of the organisation. Then the real work begins!

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