Everything you need to set-up, develop & promote a successful Business Blog

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  • Warren: Blogging and Social Media definitely go hand in hand. Having a successful social presence can do a lot for a...
  • Jennifer Rai: All points mentioned above are very well put together. Blogs having purpose and a focus on certain...
  • jessica@lukeroxas: I ran a small home based business, and lately I’ve decided to put up my own website,...
  • Rob: Rather weird that a blog on blogging hasn’t been updated since 2009!
  • Ayala Land: Perhaps I was one of those companies who, as you put it “think they can avoid it” but thanks to well...

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    The Business Blogging eCourse gives you a complete set of information about how to go about setting up, developing and promoting a successful Business Blog for yourself or your company.

    [If you are looking for Blog Training or Blogging Workshops for your company rather than the free eCourse, then we also offer on-site training – you can find more details on that on the Blogging Workshops page.]

    The Business Blogging eCourse is sent via email and covers the following important areas as it guides you through the development of the Blog:

    • Introduction to Business Blogs and their benefits for your business
    • Questions to consider (and answer!) before setting up a Business Blog

    • Elements to bear in mind as you set up your Blog

    • Taking the first steps in writing your Business Blog

    • Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in your Business Blog

    • How to successfully write your Blog and ideas to help you avoid “Blogger’s Block”

    • Promoting and marketing your Business Blog

    • Points to remember and Mistakes to avoid in developing your Blog

    • The 5 ‘R’s of successfully Business Blogging

    The aim of the blogging course is to give an introduction to the use of Business Blogging as a marketing and business tool as well as help businesses and individuals to get started if they wish to set up a blog on their own.

    (If you are looking for someone to set up a Business Blog for your company to the highest standard or integrate it into your current site, then we have a range of set-up options available – if you are looking for something you don’t see there then please contact us to discuss your requirements.)

    To receive the email course, simply fill in your details in the form below. You will then be sent a request for confirmation of your registration followed by the first part of the email course:

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