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    Blogging Events: here are all the key posts

    London Bloggers EventBelated thanks to all involved in the London Bloggers Meetup last week which was an excellent evening, beautifully organised by Andy Bargery of Marketing Blagger with lots of hard work from a “supporting cast” which included Rax Lakhani, the team at Splendid Communications and from Diageo who sponsored the whole event.

    Not only did Diageo kindly provide the venue at their London head office and a regular supply of Moscow Mules (Smirnoff Vodka, Ginger Ale and Lime) but also they had taken the time to create a special cocktail tailored for each blogger based on the content on their blog which their mixologist put together. My own turned out to be a Better Business Blogging Moscow Mule – loved the raspberry in it! When it comes to Blogger Relations then Diageo and Splendid certainly know how to impress.

    London Bloggers EventBeing my first time at one of these events (which, by the way, happens monthly on the last Tuesday of the month), I wish that I’d had time to talk to more people – there were, as you might imagine, lots of people to talk to. Of those that I chatted to, in addition to Andy and Lax, a big thank you to Julius Solaris who introduced me to his own Events Blog and pointed me in the direction of two must attend groups – Social Media Club in London (Aka Tuttle) and the Open Coffee Club. I also spoke to Mehrdad from London Media Design and Krista at Londonelicious and Zoe at Shaman UK amongst others.

    Following up on Twitter after the event I see there were others that I missed at the time so I feel a quick name check is in order:

    Here’s hoping that I get to chat to you at the next event and in the meantime your blogs are there to get me up to speed! And anyone else interested in meeting up, the place to keep your eyes on is the London Bloggers Meet up Group where you’ll get all the details of the future monthly events. See you there!

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    BT Web Seminar and London Social Networking EventAs you may be aware, I have started doing some blogging for British Telecom on their BT Business Blog which is aimed at providing small and medium sized companies with online information and news which will help their businesses.

    In addition, I’m taking part in two linked events which are happening this Thursday – one online and the other offline in London – both of which I hope will be of interest to you!

    Firstly, there is a Web Seminar on Online communities, Social Networking and Blogging which is just one of a series of web seminars that BT run as part of their Business Club activities. It’s free to particpate in and you can find a summary and how to register on their website.

    As part of the web seminar, you will also have the chance to learn more about the BT Tradespace service which is an online community that brings small businesses and individual sellers together with potential customers to do business. Basic membership of Tradespace is also free so it is certainly worthwhile finding out more about it and setting up an account.

    On the same day, BT are also holding a small social networking evening in London, partly to follow up on the topics raised in the Web Seminar as myself and other participants from the seminar will be attending. Apparently, there are still some places available, so if you are in London then you should consider coming along to chat with other like-minded business people, learn about blogs and online communities for business … oh, and there’s some light refreshments too!

    The event is taking place in the private Royale room of RubyBlue, Leicester Square, London from 6pm. If you would like to come along, just complete the short registration form on the BT Business Blog and hopefully I’ll see you there.

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