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    For larger companies as well as small businesses which are looking to give their staff a better understanding of what a blog is and how it can be used, we offer Workshop based training which will help to outline the huge potential of your own Business Blog.

    The Workshop based training can be run as either half day or full day sessions, with the full day Workshop looking specifically at discussing and appraising the implications and use of blogging within your own company and how it can best be used to achieve your desired business goals.

    The Blogging Workshop and Training sessions can be carried out on your own premises and we recommend a maximum of 8 people at a session to ensure the best results. Some of the main modules that we recommend are given below, but to ensure the best fit with your requirements, we always carry out a telephone discussion so that we can advise of the most appropriate content. Following this, we will send a recommended format for the day.

    Training Workshop Modules

    • What is Blogging?

    • Business Uses for Blogs (inc. case studies)
    • Corporate Blogging
    • Blogs for Internal Communications

    • Marketing your Blog (online and blog specific methods)

    • Marketing your Blog (focusing on Search Engine Optimisation)

    • Monitoring the Blogs and the Blogosphere

    • Blogging Platforms and Software

    • Starting a Blog
    • Writing your Blog and keeping momentum

    • RSS Feeds and how to Market with them

    • Training In Using WordPress

    • Blogs and Public Relations 2.0

    We also offer a series of specific Workshops aimed at specific requirements which are outlined below. For more details, please contact us at workshops(at)betterbusinessblogging(dot)com

    Introduction to Blogging
    A half-day introduction to Business Blogging which gives a solid foundation for companies wishing to understand what it is and how it can be used in their own business.

    Advanced Blogging Workshop
    Building on the understanding of Blogging that they already possess, the Advanced Workshop will look at maintaining the content of a blog, marketing it to best effect and developing strategies which will make it successful.

    Blogging for Marketing & PR Consultancies
    Designed to help Marketing and PR companies understand how Business Blogs can be used in conjunction with their other services for their clients so that they are better able to incorporate this important tool into their own service offerings.

    Blogging for Small Businesses
    A workshop focusing in on the benefits that small businesses can gain from using a Business Blog and how they can be used to enhance their marketing, increase visibility in their market and improve customer interaction.

    Blogging for Small Businesses (including Blog set-up)
    Small Business Blogging which includes set-up of a blog ahead of the workshop and then training on the main elements of the Blog system so that the company has their own Business Blog set-up and running at the end of the day and know how to use it.