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    To ensure that your use of blogging for your business is as successful as possible, we offer a selection of services which will help you to make certain that your small Business Blog or Corporate Blog achieves its aims.

    Business Blog Set-up services

    I offer a range of Blog set-up options to match all levels of requirements and budgets from a standard blog set-up which will have you up and running with all the key elements of a good Business Blog taken care of within 48 hours if required, to a fully integrated blog which attracts visitors from Day 1 through the initial online marketing push. [Full Details]

    Blogging Training and Workshops

    Whether you want to understand how to set up your own blog, how to market it to get the best possible business results from it results or simply you want to understand more about the reasons why you should be considering blogging before you start on your own, we can organise a workshop which will fit with your requirements. There are standard sessions introducing Blogging but the most popular are the customised workshops where you can choose the elements that are of most interest to you. [Full Details]

    Business Blog Support and Coaching

    This is a service available to a limited number of companies – I am offering unlimited email support to a total of 25 companies. Currently there are 10 places still available for one of the 3 Support and Coaching options available, so take the opportunity now if you would like to have quality Blog support from one of the leading specialists in the field in the UK. [Full Details]

    Blog Marketing

    The marketing of Blogs is similar in many respects to the marketing of a normal website – but that is only half the story. With the marketing we offer, results are key and so using blog directories, judicious use of RSS feeds and other Blog specific marketing techniques, we can ensure that your Blog attracts the level of readers you are looking for.

    Business Blog & Corporate Blogging Consulting

    While a good set-up from the start is key to the successful development of a small Business or Corporate Blog, there are still many ways in which you can ensure that it develops correctly and integrates successfully with you other marketing and customer relationship techniques. We offer expert help, advice and consultancy on all of these areas and on the important aspects of running a successful corporate blog program.