I am a great fan of WordPress and it is the blogging platform I would recommend to anyone setting up a business based blog.

In trying to help new users understand how to use a blog, WordPress includes three posts when they install the software: a post, a comment and an ‘About’ page. These are designed to show how each of these appear in the Blog and are extremely useful as such.

However, as Darren Rowse at Problogger has outlined this in his post The problem of ‘About’ Default pages, you have to remember to take them out when you start your blog for real, and while the dummy ‘Post’ and ‘Comment’ are easy to remember, don’t forget the ‘Page’ as well!

But don’t delete it, just edit it – having a good profile page is very important as I outlined in my post, Don’t ignore your Profile Page.

There are a couple of other points which are good to remember as well. Firstly, remember to change the Blog tagline which is set at “Just Another WordPress Blog” – this you should replace with something that reallt states the objectives of your blog. It is also displayed by many WordPress themes (templates). If you are not sure how to replace it, then in the ‘backoffice’ of your WordPress installation (where you create the posts), go to the “Options” area in the menu and you will find it there under “General Options”.

The second point is just as vital if you are going to make sure that your blog doesn’t look like thousands of others, and that is changing the default template – known as Kubrick – that WordPress comes with. I still find so many blogs which appear with the standard blue box at the top which is really a shame, because no matter how good their content, they are still going to be ignored simply because they haven’t taken the time to differentiate their blog in terms of its look and feel.

If you wish to change to a different look, then you have two options: either, have a design created for you or a theme modified to fit with the format of your site (something we can do) or simply select a theme from the many available and load it into your blog. One of the best places to find a good WordPress theme is a recently created site called WordPress Theme Viewer, so check it out and make sure your look and feel works as hard for you as your text!

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