Everything you need to set-up, develop & promote a successful Business Blog

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    If you are in the process of setting up a Business Blog or are already using blogging as a business tool, then we can offer support to help you to improve the set-up of the blog and the effectiveness of what you are doing with it.

    These Support & Coaching packages are strictly limited to a maximum of 25 organisations only (email only support – onsite limited to 10) and are available in three forms according to your requirements.

    Email only Support
    For a fixed monthly rate of only 100, you can have unlimited email support to help you to ensure that your blogging is taking you in the direction that you wish.

    The areas that this support covers encompasses:

  • Business Blog strategy and development of your Blog
  • Best set up and structure for your Blog
  • How to market and promote your Business Blog to achieve the best results
  • Integration with other marketing activities

  • How to develop your blogging and maintain the posting
  • Use of Comments and how to respond to them
  • (What it does not include is answers to specific coding questions regarding the blogging software)

    All of this at a fixed monthly rate of only 100.00

    On site Consultancy and Coaching
    You can have a Blogging consultant on site for a complete day to answer all of your questions and talk through all aspects of your Business Blogging activities – this will ensure that you are progressing in the best way possible and will allow an evaluation of your Blogging and the plans forward including achieving greater visibility, developing internal bloggers etc.

    The on-site sessions can in certain circumstances be split into two half day sessions subject to prior agreement. (Travelling expenses additional)

    This on-site consultancy and coaching is available at a monthly rate of 475.00

    Complete On site Consultancy and Coaching and email Support
    This includes both of the options outlined above and is available at a monthly rate of 500.00

    (All prices quoted exVAT)