Firstly, a thousand apologies for being a little quiet of late – I wish that I could blame it on a long summer break but alas it’s been a case of catching up on work having over stretched myself over the past weeks on a number of fronts. I guess there’s always a balancing act in managing all the elements of running a small business world and sometimes the seesaw just tips too far one way or the other.

I’ve also been taking the time to catch up on some reading as well as planning some of the elements that I want to write about here. So I thought that I would share those with you.

In amongst the other posts, there will be two short series over the coming weeks focusing on Specific small business uses for Blogs and also on RSS.

Specifically, for the Small Business series, I’ll be trying to look at:

  • Blog websites rather than simple blogs for small businesses

  • Blogs as a Search engine optimisation aid for local search

  • Blogs complementing a small business’s online shop

  • Internal blogs as intranet alternative

The RSS series will address:

  • RSS made simple

  • Benefits of RSS for the publisher

  • Benefits of RSS for the subscriber

  • RSS working for small businesses

  • Marketing with RSS

Hopefully both will have elements which will be of interest. I’m certainly looking forward to getting back to the blog this week and starting the series next week, so hope you’ll tag along!

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