While I might be looking to highlight UK blogs, I could hardly let the moment pass when Dell finally enters the blogosphere which it has done with the launch of their company blog One2One.

Dell has been under attack from a PR point of view for a while now due to its poor service record most publicly, from a blogging point of view, from Jeff Jarvis in his blog Buzzmachine. Whether this has influenced its decision to participate with its own blog is not clear but the best way to be able to start to answer your critics is to participate in the conversation, so from that perspective it is a good move.

Not that Dell has managed to launch it totally unscathed! There have already been a few ‘A’ list bloggers such as Steve Rubel and Jeff Jarvis (unsurprisingly) who have criticised the format and approach. Pity! Others like Robert Scoble and Shel Holtz have taken a more objective view and rightly pointed out that it is good that Dell has taken this step and that they need time to find their feet. That’s more like it!

The format looks as if it will evolve nicely with video clips with different Dell personnel included alongside text posts. Dell will undoubtedly attract a lot of negative comments from customers who have experienced below par service, but they have taken the important first step to open up “Direct Conversations with Dell” as they proclaim in their tagline.

Hopefully, they will live up to this tagline and take a sensible approach in answering these comments and engaging their customers in conversation on the blog. The main thing is that they have now entered that conversation and that is a positive first step. Like any blog, it will evolve over the coming weeks before finding exactly the right level so let’s give them that opportunity and watch with interest.

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