Cymfony and Porter Novelli have announced an overview of some of the findings of a survey on Corporate Blogs carried out this year in conjunction with Russell Research.

There are some very positive elements in the summary: 76% of companies noted an increase in website traffic and/or media attention as a result of their blogs and just over 40% indicated that at least one of the posts had had a real effect on their company or brand. This is clearly positive but, to be honest, it’s nothing more than what I would expect to hear about a blog which is being run anywhere near properly. Increased visibility and greater media profile is part and parcel of what a good Business Blog will deliver.

What I was less pleased to read was that “nearly two thirds reported starting their blog because they felt a need to participate in the medium rather than satisfy a specific need.” If this is true then that is acutely worrying. If you don’t have a goal and a focus for your Business Blog then you cannot hope to make a success of it. So, if companies are using blogs without really knowing why they are doing so, then they have still not grasped their real value or learned how to reap the benefits they offer.

No wonder that 71% were unhappy with the level of interaction on the blogs! If the company isn’t clear why they are running a blog then they are hardly likely to be producing posts and a format which is going to engage their readers and their target audience! You need to give people good reason to reply to your posts through the quality and relevancy of what you are writing – this is one of the key 5 Rs of a successful Business Blog – if you don’t, then you can hardly complain if they abstain too.

Focus, quality and relevancy are three important elements of your Blog and without a clear view of what your aim is for the Blog, they are going to be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

[If you want to find out more about what conclusions have been drawn from the survey then you might like to check out the webinar that they are running next Tuesday 25th July at 12.00 (EDT) – 17.00 BST. Sign up link on the Press Release page.]

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