Neville Hobson in his post Business Blogging: Hills to Climb in Europe gives an interesting overview on the current level of understanding about Business Blogs based on the findings in the UPS Europe Business Monitor survey.

What is clearly shows is that there is still a lack of awareness as to how Business Blogging can be used effectively from a business perspective. It indicated that even when it came to using blogs as an information resource, fewer than 10% of the executives were making use of the opportunities on offer. These figures dropped further when it came to monitoring their companys profile and reputation in blogs or using them as marketing or communication tools.

All of these aspects are ideally suited to Business Blogs and its certainly worth restating the reasons why.

  • Business Blogs as information resources
    As an individual or as a company, we need to keep up to date with the latest developments and information. This is increasingly difficult using traditional media where papers and TVs select the items that they believe will be of interest to us rather than what we want to read. With Blogs, and to a lesser extent other online media, we can subscribe to the RSS feeds from Blogs covering the specific areas that we wish to read about and have the information delivered to us. Instantly.
  • Using Business Blogs to monitor your companys profile
    While PR companies offer services to monitor what is being said about your company in the traditional media, this is now only one of the avenues used to distribute comment and opinion, as well as being the slowest. News spreads much faster online so ensuring that you know what is being said as soon as it happens gives you a headstart in being able to deal with it or take advantage of it. Online resources such as Technorati or BlogPulse offer the opportunity to do this quickly and easily, giving you the ability to react much more quickly to what is being reported.
  • Using Business Blogs as a proactive marketing and business tools
    There is then the use of Business Blogs to as communication tools, allowing you to interact with your customers (and potential customers), display and share your knowledge in your area of expertise, undertake educational marketing etc., all of which will help to develop your own companys reputation on line.

There seems to be a change of mindset required to realise that the information sources and the marketing methods that we have traditionally used have changed substantially over the past 10 years. They shouldnt be discarded totally but rather integrated with the newer methods such as Business Blogging – it also seems clear that companies in the UK currently taking steps in this respect are likely to gain a real advantage over their competitors.

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