Little Daniel WhiteIt’s not my norm to mix business and personal on this blog – my focus is generally purely business and hopefully helping to create business for others through their use of blogs and social media.

However, as a personal event of real significance, the birth of your first child comes fairly high up the scale and I’m proud to say that that’s exactly what happened to me last Saturday, with the arrival of Daniel. Just over 7lbs of healthy baby boy with an exceptional pair of lungs if first impressions are anything to go by! I should add that this is also the main reason for the recent lack of activity on my blogs – ideally I would have posted sooner to explain but events overtook us and they have a tendency to do!

One thing that is already becoming apparent, even after so few days, is the need to get a routine established early. Currently, the constant feeds during the night mean that I’m not too sure what day it is let alone what time it is. A routine will benefit both baby and parents … I hope!

Bizarrely enough, blogging has the same requirements in many respects – blogging can also be time consuming and it will certainly benefit from a routine. The more that we are able to plan ahead and get into a routine in terms of researching and writing the individual posts, as well as dedicating time to developing and marketing the Business Blog as a whole, will be of benefit. Planning, and then maintaining, a routine also means that we are more likely to achieve our goals for the blog.

So try to get your blogging routine going as soon as you can, as it will really benefit you – I can also guarantee that it will be a whole lot easier than the one I’m trying to put in place currently with young Daniel!! :)

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