As a follow up to my post Blogs and Newsletters: Complementary Tools, it was excellent to see a post selected by Ted Demopolous in his book winners list, which reflected my sentiments entirely and was called Blogs, Newsletters & more:The King of Platform Agnostics.

The article was originally written by Marcus Grimm, of NXTBlog and focused on encouraging authors to distribute their content as widely as possible and via as many different media as is appropriate. Like Marcus, I also very much feel that the same core information can be used in both Blogs and Newsletters as well as elsewhere, but should ideally be modified slightly on each occasion rather than just copied verbatim.

However, I find that it is useful to stagger the release of the information and make it work for you. When looking at who to release the information to, I consider the “effort” taken by people who want to receive it and try to gauge the release of the content accordingly. So, someone who had signed up to a members area on my website would therefore receive it before someone who had simply arrived stumbled across the site and so on.

For example, suppose that you had an excellent new article in a number of different formats, you might use the following approach to release the information:

  • firstly, include your article in the members only area on your website, giving your key susbcribers access to the article first – they did actively register to receive it so this should be your first stop;

  • next, send the article out as part of your Newsletter to those who had subscribed to receive the information via this method;

  • then highlight the article in the RSS feeds of your Business Blog: this may well be a cutdown version sent out to all which will ensure additional distribution;

  • add the article and information to the main general information areas on your website;

  • finally, submit the article to the main Article banks which will promote both the article and your website for you, as well as create backlinks to your site through the article signature box.

As you can see, you can use the same base information to appeal to a number of different audiences, though it does help to modify it a little to suit the individual medium being used. If done correctly, then the same information should be able to be used many times over, adding value to the recipients at each phase in the process.

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