Well, “not” is the short answer.

Why mention this at all. Well, merely because Steve Rubel makes the point in his post By some measures, blogging may be peaking that it may be doing just that. He goes on to add that it is really the number of daily posts that he feels may indicate this peaking.

I must admit that I feel that it is a bit of a sweeping statement to make on the back of a slight fall back in the number of posts which could be caused by seasonality, personal factors or any other number of criteria.

One comment he makes amused me in particular:

“Everyone who wants to publish a blog actively may already have one”.

Sounds a bit like the quote (or misquote) that “there is a world market for 5 computers” to me.

To be honest, I’m much more inclined to Shel Israel’s take on it over at Naked Conversations. In a post today, he comments

I see evidence that blogging is going where Robert and I predicted it would go in Naked Conversations and that is everywhere.

I fall more into this camp. I still think that we are in the early stages of blogging in general and certainly in Business Blogging – early adopter phase, if you like, rather than the early majority.

As for Business Blogging, that’s certainly still just getting started (innovator / early adopter level) and we are merely scratching the surface in terms of realising the different ways in which they can use it. Particularly so here in the UK where companies and individuals who already using blogs to benefit their businesses and their customers can still consider themselves to be well ahead of the game (and the competition!).

How blogging is used and perceived is certainly both changing and developing, but to say that it is peaking is I feel more than a little premature.

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