Ok, starting the month as I hope not to go on – with an apology.

Unfortunately, I have been posting rather less frequently than I would have liked during September – reasons (or should that be excuses?) are partly due to my being away on holiday and then catching up again afterwards, launching The Blog Coach to run alongside Better Business Blogging and general increased workload.

All positive things but not really reasons not to post. Having nothing useful to contribute – now that would be a good reason not to post. So, no excuse really – just get organised, which is what I will be doing.

Therefore October will see a return to more regular posts and and I will be starting a new series to replace the Spotlight on UK Blogs (moved to The Blog Coach) called “AVerse to Weekly Blogging” which I hope will be useful and a bit of fun.

Personal Verdict (September 06): C+ Must do better

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