I had the pleasure yesterday to meet up with some fellow bloggers in London yesterday.

Debbie Weil and Neville Hobson were both speaking at the Melcrum SCM Summit and kindly organised the get together for the evening. It was excellent to have the chance to meet up and chat with everyone who was there. I’d obviously read lots of what Debbie and Neville have written and I also had been in contact previously with both Keith Collins and Matt O’Neill but it was really good to meet in person.

There were lots of different perspectives on what blogging is currently offering and where it is heading – exactly as it should be. The uses for blogging in businesses are extremely wide because it can impact at so many different levels – so whether a company is focusing on improving relations with customers, increasing internal communications, developing and testing new products or “simply” raising its profile (and sales) in the marketplace then blogging has a role to play. And a significant one at that.

So who was there? Well, there was Debbie Weil, Neville Hobson, Matt O’Neill, Martyn Davies, Tom Shelley, Keith Collins and Alex Manchester (editor & blogger for Melcrum).

It was a really enjoyable evening and I’m looking forward to having the chance to meet up again soon together with anyone else who would be interested. Anyone else fancy coming along sometime in mid November?

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