One of the elements that you will need to consider as part of the process of planning your Business Blog is to decide what you want to call it. You may have chosen a name for it earlier on, indeed in many cases this has been the first thing that people have decided about when they first thought about setting up a Business Blog!

It is important, however, and so certainly worth spending the time to look at the elements which might influence your decision. It’s important because this is what people will remember first and foremost, this is what they will use to recommend your blog and this is what the blog search engines will use to refer to your Blog at every turn.

The name of your Blog is likely to be mainly a personal decision you may want to choose a name which reflects its contents, which incorporates the name of your business or which you simply liked and just wanted to use. A couple of words of warning on this:

  • you need to choose something that you will feel comfortable promoting. So be aware that a name that you think is funny or clever now, needs to still be clever or funny in 12 months time;

  • you may want to have the same domain name as the name of your blog, so it might be advisable to check on the availability of the domain name as well;

  • in most blog software, the name of the blog is automatically included in the Title tag which is important in Search Engine Optimisation, so you may like to consider using one of your keywords in the Blog’s name.

The decision on the domain name that you use for your Blog is important as well, as I touched upon above – there is a fuller look at this area in the article Choosing a Domain Name for your Business Blog which covers the areas that you need to consider during the process.

An additional point, some blogs give you the opportunity to have a tagline as well which is also used in the Title tag on the first page of your blog. Since you are given the opportunity, then select something which is catchy and works for you or add a short description about what the blog is aiming to do.

It’s a competitive world on the internet, so do make use of any opportunity to publicise the contents of your blog and this is a useful one – if you want to see how many people forget about this, then just type “just another wordpress weblog” (including the inverted commas) into Google. There are so many blogs using WordPress which have left this default setting which then gets picked up by Google – each of these could be improving their ability to be found simply with this small change.

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