Following my post on Why Small Businesses need to consider a Business Blog, I was discussing some of the points raised online and was asked the question, “Who will have the time to read a billion business blogs?”

Fair point – there’s only 24 hours in the day, after all, and we’ve probably got other things that we’d like to fit in besides staring at a computer screen. So, what do we do? We focus in on the information that we are most interested in and the people that we most like to read – and if we are sensible, then we have that delivered to us using something like RSS rather than go off hunting for it every morning.

So, let’s turn that around and look at it from the standpoint of our own Business Blog. Are we trying to get the mass audience of billions of internet users to read what we write? No, clearly not. We have decided on the audience we want to attract to our blog and we make sure that our content fits their requirements and answers their issues. You cannot please everyone all of the time and nor should you try.

If I compare it to the UK newspaper industry, the News of the World has a target readership and so the paper contains stories and features which fits with what these readers are interested in. If they start to publish stock market analysis which sits better in the Financial Times then there would be a mass exodus to one of the other tabloids.

The same is true of the information in Business Blogs. Keep the focus that you identified when setting up your blog and make sure that you write with your readers in mind – this way, you should encourage them to keep returning rather than searching for pastures new on a competitor’s site.

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