When you start to put a Business Blog together, the planning phase is very important and ideally you should spend time working on these elements rather than diving straight in and writing your first post – as we all want to do!

In this planning phase, you should identify what you hope to achieve with your blog and who you are writing for. These initial elements will really help you to focus the content of your posts and align them as closely as possible with the requirements of those who will be reading them.

What is important is to answer three key questions:

What is the Blog looking to achieve?
You need to able to clearly identify why you wish to start the Business Blog. Are you looking to build a network of contacts for your company, or perhaps position yourself as an expert in your field, or promote a particular service or product using ‘educational marketing’ or even help create a group of evangelists for your new product? All of these are perfect goals for your Blog, but you should identify and focus on the one that you want to achieve in order to make it really successful.

Who is the Blog aimed at?
You need to decide who is the target audience for your Business Blog, just as you do with your products or services, and consequently who you are writing for. This will dictate the content of your posts and also the way in which you write them – both elements will influence how you are perceived by your readers.

What results are you looking for?
You should also have an idea of want you wish to achieve with the Business Blog in terms of results. A Blog is not a direct sales tool and yet there are many ways in which you can measure its direct effectiveness. These might include number of visitors, subscribers to your RSS feed, sign ups to a newsletter, contacts or clients initiated through a contact form on your Blog etc.

Make sure that you spend time on this part of the set up of your Business Blog. If you do, you will reap the rewards because you will ensure that the Blog maintains its focus in terms of its content and, as a consequence, provide your readers with what they are looking for.

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