Taking the lead from Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, Steve Rubel at Micropersuasion has taken the opportunity to interpret some of the key points in today’s terms as good principles to blog by in his post Blog to Win Friends and Influence People.

As a fan of Carnegie’s original, I felt that the application of these to a blog environment was very relevant and certainly highlighted many of the principles that should also be adhered to when writing a blog of any sort, whether it is a personal or a business one. For this reason, I consider it well worth reproducing the piece here – Steve’s comments are in italics.

Fundamental Techniques for Handling People:

  • Don’t criticize, condemn or complain. Advance or build on the dialogue, even if you disagree

  • Give people a feeling of importance; praise the good parts of them. Link to the posts you disagree with, but point out the parts you agree with too.

  • Get the other person to want to do what you want them to by arousing their desires. Put another way, make dreams come true.

  • Six Ways to Make People Like You:

  • Be genuinely interested in other people. Read lots of blogs for different perspectives.

  • Smile. Put your picture on your blog.

  • Remember and use people’s names. Remember where you read things and credit the bloggers who wrote them.

  • Encourage others to talk about themselves and listen to them. In other words, welcome comments.

  • Discuss what the other person is interested in. Add value to your readers.

  • Make the other person feel important. Take all your feedback seriously and adapt if needed.

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