Writing a series of posts on a topic which is important to your overall subject area is a great way to generate additional areas of interest in your Business Blog – it can also be an excellent way to get you started as you begin to post on your blog and are looking for ideas and themes.

In fact, creating a series in your Blog can help in a number of different ways, such as:

  • it will help to develop a very definite area of focus within your Blog and create key topic areas which will support the overall primary theme of the blog;

  • it will give you a number of posts to write on a single topic which will help to get you started and gain some momentum in your writing;

  • it will encourage you not to make your blog posts too long because you will have to segment a topic into a number of shorter posts;

  • as people pick up on your blog, they will be able to trace back previous articles easily and then be more likely to revisit for updates;

  • you will be able to promote a series more easily than individual posts later on, hopefully when you have built up the number of visitors to your blog;

  • as they are likely to be themed within a topic, then they will also be nicely attractive to Search Engines (especially so as you will of course group them in a category) and will add additional internal links.

Try to avoid making the series too long or too spread out, although you can of course come back to it and develop it further later on. Particularly, if your readers ask for additional information, then this gives you the opportunity to develop the initial series further. It may even give you ideas on how to develop the series in other directions.

However, try to plan out the series out in advance (at least the titles) and then write them as you need them. Alternatively, if this inspires you as a topic then write two or three posts at once and, using the edit time feature, set them to appear at intervals in the future.

In my own case, I selected SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for Blogs as a subject. For me, it warranted a series because of the amount of information that the area contains and yet is perfectly suited to being divided into smaller self contained articles. If I am honest, there has been too much of a gap between posts within the series but I think its a worthwhile set its a series entitled SEO in Blogs if you want to have a look.

Try it it really works.

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