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  • Warren: Blogging and Social Media definitely go hand in hand. Having a successful social presence can do a lot for a...
  • Jennifer Rai: All points mentioned above are very well put together. Blogs having purpose and a focus on certain...
  • jessica@lukeroxas: I ran a small home based business, and lately I’ve decided to put up my own website,...
  • Rob: Rather weird that a blog on blogging hasn’t been updated since 2009!
  • Ayala Land: Perhaps I was one of those companies who, as you put it “think they can avoid it” but thanks to well...

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    Thank you for taking the Better Business Blogging eCourse and I hope that you have found it to be useful in helping you to set up a Blog for your own business or to give you a better idea of how blogs can be used from a marketing, customer relationship or networking perspective.

    I am looking to continually develop the eCourse and make sure that it covers the areas that people consider to be important and so would welcome your comments. If you would like to add your thoughts here then I would welcome that and if you would like to let me know about your own Blog then please feel free to do so here. I am in the process of creating an ongoing series of posts which will focus on UK Blogs so would be pleased to receive details of your own Blog so that I can include it.

    Thanks and successful blogging!