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    Mark White - Blog ConsultantBetter Business Blogging was set up and is written by Mark White ( aka The Blog Coach), a social media marketing specialist and blog consultant based in London, who offers a range of focused online and social media marketing and blogging services to small and medium sized companies as well as corporates through the UK and Europe.

    Better Business Blogging is designed to offer to blogging novices and those more familiar with blogging from a marketing perspective alike, a grounding in blogging and how it can be used effectively to create awareness and promote a company or individual. The eCourse is designed as a guide that all can benefit from and refer to, and the coaching and seminars are to help those who want their business blogs to be set up in the best way possible to allow them to concentrate on the writing of the posts themselves.

    As well as writing Better Business Blogging, Mark works with companies to help them both understand what benefit Business blogs and online marketing could be for their organisations and then help them set up, develop and market their blogs. Specifically, this involves:

    With a background in international sales and marketing, Mark is passionate about the use of Business Blogging as an increasingly vital part of a successful use of emarketing which in turn must form part of an integrated marketing approach incorporating both online and offline marketing elements. Above all, he believes that a ‘one solution fits all’ approach will never achieve the best results and that only through understanding the goals and customers of a business can we use the tools that blogging and emarketing as a whole affords us to bring the best possible results.

    As well as advising companies on setting up and running their Business Blogs, Mark also works in the following emarketing areas to achieve the high levels of business development success for the companies that he works with:

    • emarketing planning and strategy
    • Search Advertising

    • Search Engine Optimisation

    • Email marketing

    • Referral Marketing

    • Online Public Relations

    Mark holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management (UK) and Lyon CESMA (France) and in his professional sphere is a member of the eMarketing Association and a Google Advertising Professional.

    Mark can be contacted on:

    Tel: +44 (0)1784 479361
    eMail: mark (dot) white (at) betterbusinessblogging (dot) com
    Twitter: @blogcoach